Siranuysh Abrahamyan

She has about 10 years of experience in digital marketing, the last of which is about 6 years in the luxury sector.


2009-2011 – Agribusiness Teaching Center

2008-2010- School for Young Leaders

Work experience:

In 2012-2015 in IP Marketing as

Online Media Monitoring,
PPC advertising,
Content Management,

Since 2015 she has been working at Chronograph Armenia as a digital marketing manager:
-SMM (content, ads, messages, etc.)
-Web content, managing technical updates or issues:
-1C stock: product data (photo, description) fulfillment which appears on web:
-PPC ads:

Since 2020 she has been working at Simple Solutions as an SMM trainer.

Since 2020 she has been working for Simple Solutions as a PPC trainer.